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Dr Vivek Mahesh Agrawal is one of the young and dynamic Neurosurgeon in Nagpur and widely known for his work in Vidarbha, in the field of brain and spine surgery. He has completed his MBBS From Lata Mangeshkar Hospital Nagpur, M.S (Gen. Surgery) from NHL Municiple Medical College and V.S. Hospital, Ahmedabad and M.Ch (Neurosurgery) from B. J. Medical College And Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad.
B. J. Medical college and Civil hospital, Ahmedabad is one of the busy centre for Neuro-Surgery in India performing around 200 cases in a month. There he developed very fine skills in managing brain and spine cases in a very hectic three years. He further acquired Neuro- endoscopic surgery skills by completing fellowship programme in Neuro-endoscopy under Dr. Y.R. Yadav, HOD And Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, Jabalpur Medical College and Hospital.
He has worked as assistant professor at Raipur medical college, Chhatisgarh as well as at GMC and Superspeciality hospital, Nagpur for more than 3 years.



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Skull Base Surgery

Skull base surgery is surgery that is done to remove a tumor or other growth at the base, or bottom, of the skull…

Neuroendoscopy surgery

Neuroendoscopy is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure in which the neurosurgeon removes the tumor…

CV Junction Surgery

The craniovertebral junction (CVJ) is composed of the occiput, the foramen magnum, and the first two cervical…

Neurovascular Surgery

Damaged, injured or malformed blood vessels can cause bleeding or circulation problems that can result in strokes, headaches…

Minimal Invasive Neurosurgery

Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery describes any procedure that is less invasive than an open surgery…

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) is an alternative to traditional open surgical procedures…

Neuro Trauma Surgery

To treat a traumatic brain injury, surgeons may perform a decompressive craniectomy, where a piece of the skull…

Pediatric Neurosurgery

Pediatric Neurosurgery is a subspecialty of neurosurgery; which includes surgical procedures that are related…

Stereotactic surgery

Stereotactic surgery is a minimally invasive form of surgical intervention that makes use of a three-dimensional coordinate…

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety, or fear and worry, can happen to anyone from time to time, too. It’s not unusual to experience anxiety before a big event…

Treatment of Headache

A painful sensation in any part of the head, ranging from sharp to dull, that may occur with other symptoms. Anxiety, or fear and worry,…

Treatment of Migraine

Migraine is a primary headache disorder characterized by recurrent headaches that are moderate to severe….

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Dr. Vivek Agrawal sir is the best neuro surgeon... My mother was having a problem of spine and we consulted nd we operate our patient nd we satisfied with the Dr treatment Also the staff was very well mannered nd good We highly recommend the Dr.
Tarun Bhawarkar
Tarun Bhawarkar
Dr. Vivek Agrawal ji very good treatment, my mom is spine operation successful Thank you so much Dr. Sahab
Treatment is very good Professional treatment Hospital is very good Staff is so cooperative Thank you so much
Sagar Thakre
Sagar Thakre
मेरा भाई अभी एडमिड है आप मे बहोत अच्छी मानवियता है आप पर हमको भरोषा है मेरे भाई के लिए आप सभी दुआ करे
Shivmani Group
Shivmani Group
Dr. Vivek Agrwal is best surgeon as well as great human being . We are grateful to get best surgeon who cure my sis. There are no words to show my appreciation , how can I ever possibly thank you🙏
sanguine !!
sanguine !!
मानवीयता से परिपूर्ण 👌👌
Krish Katare
Krish Katare